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EIONET Slovenia - Metadata System.

Yihaw URL CDS EEA Catalogue of Data Sources at the EEA.
Yihaw URL Central Evidence of Spatial Metadata (CESM) The most comprehensive directory of digital geospatial data sources and its providers in Republic of Slovenia. The directory contains information about content, purpose, usage, quality, distribution and all other information necessary to select and use available spatial data.
Yihaw URL Web CDS SI The Web catalogue of environmental data sources in Slovenia is based on the Catalogue of Data Sources (CDS), created by European Environment Agency. The owner of the Catalogue of Data Sources in Slovenia is the Environmental Agency of the RS but all the owners and the keapers of datasources are encouraged to keep the metadata on their sources up-to-date. This version of CDS makes it possible. So just log-in and enter/edit your metadata.